Keynote speakers


1. Aruna Ambagala

Address: 1015, Arlington Street, Winnipeg, MB R3E 3M4, Canada

Tel: 204-789-2013 (Office); 204-789-2089 (Lab)


    Dr. Aruna Ambagala is the Section Head at the Mammalian Diseases Unit at the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease (NCFAD), Winnipeg, Canada.    NCFAD is one of OIE Reference Laboratories for classical swine fever, and the Canadian National Reference laboratory for African swine fever.

    Dr. Ambagala received his Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Sri Lanka in 1994 and his PhD degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE, USA in 2003. After completing post-doctoral training at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Maryland, USA and University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, he joined the CFIA in 2010.

    Dr. Ambagala also hold adjunct appointments at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-University of Calgary, Department of Biological Sciences-University of Lethbridge and Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Manitoba.

    Title of his presentation: “ASF and CSF diagnostics and research at the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Winnipeg, Canada”

2. Kyu-Shik Jeong:

Address: #80 Daehakro, Buk-gu, Daegu City 41566, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kyungpook National University, Republic of Korea.


Mobile: 82-10-8812-1258,

    Dr. Kyu-Shik Jeong received Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(DVM)(1988) at Kyungpook National University, Republic of Korea. He took Ph.D(1997) in a combined program with National Institute of Healths (N.I.H), Bethesda, USA and was trained as a Post-doctoral fellow(Forgaty Visiting Fellow, 1991-1995) at National Institute of Health(N.I.H), Bethesda, U.S.A and was appointed as a Principal Investigator(Forgaty Visiting Scientist, 1998-2000). Finally, he was also trained in a Residency program with combined Armed Forces Institute of Pathology(A.F.I.P), Washington D.C, U.S.A. He worked at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology(KRICT) as a Research Scientist(1988-1991) and Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB) as a Senior Research Scientist(1995-1998, and 2000-2001), at Daedeok Innopolis, former Daedeok Science Town, Daejon City, Republic of Korea, developing new AIDS drugs, anti-hepatitis B drugs and anti-hypertensive drugs, and also establishing animal disease models(inflammation & fibrosis) for human beings.

    He was appointed as a Professor and Head of Department of Pathology and Diagnostic Pathology at the same time in 2001. Then he was appointed as a Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine(2016-2018) and division director in teaching animal hospital, Kyungpook National University, Daegu City, Republic of Korea. He extended his academic area as an Adjunct Professor at the Kyungpook National University Hospital(2016-2019) and College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University(NCSU), Raleigh, U.S.A(2012-to the present).

He is the founder and the Director of Stem cell Therapeutic Research Institute, Kyungpook National University(2010), and he organized first conference of Asian Society of Veterinary Pathology(ASVP) which consists of 11 other Asian countries as Secretary General. He also served 2 years(2015-2016) as the President of Korea Society of Veterianry Pathology(KSVP), and is a board director of Korean College of Veterinary Pathology(KCVP) for 10 years(2013-2023). He served as an editorial board member in Cell Transplantation(U.S.A), Veterinary Pathology(U.S.A), Anti-Cancer Research(Greece), In Vivo(Greece), Journal of Veterinary Science(Korea).

    He peer-reviewed domestic-and international journal and served as a board member of C.L. Davis Foundation(2017-2023) ,U.S.A, associating with committee/editorial /academic members around 100 fields and being awarded from around 30 intra- and extramural society. He published 1,070 publications including scientific papers(SCI/SCIE&etc), patents, conference communications, books, research report, and technical transfer. He was also invited as an invited speaker, a speaker of plenary talks, and an invited chair from all over the world(Harvard, Stanford, Duke, North Carolina, NIH, AFIP., USC, Baylor, Japan(TMIG), and Quebeck(Laval)/Canada, etc) numerous times.

    His works have been cited more than 5712 times in Google Scholar and 38 h-index. Also, his papers were recorded more than 3 times for BRIC-Han-Bit Record.

3. Prof. Dr. Achariya Sailasuta :

Address: Department of  Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Science,  Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 10330  Thailand.


Mobile: (02) 218-9616, 218-962, 081-832-1342   Fax (02) 252-0779

Dr. Achariya Sailasuta , DVM (Hons.), F.R.V.C.S. (Vet. Pathology), Uppsala, Sweden, Cert. in Vet. Pathology. Miyazaki U., Japan , Ph.D. (Agriculture – Vet. Pathology ), Kagoshima University, Japan and Dip. in ACCM (Asian College of Conservation Medicine) and Dip. in Thai Board of Veterinary Pathology (DTBVP).
At present, she is a professor in Companion Animal Cancer Research Unit (CAC-RU), Department of Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, a visiting scholar of Center of Animal Disease Control, CADIC, Miyazaki University, Japan since 2013. She received the Distinguished Professor Award, the Asian Foundation for the Advancement of Veterinary and Animal Science (AFAVAS), Korea in 2008 and from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, in 2009. Her research interests are Molecular Oncology, Single cell analysis, Cancer Stem Cell and Diagnostic cytology. She has nearly 100 publications on veterinary pathology and biomedical field. For her professional career, she is the Vice-president of Veterinary Council of Thailand since 2015- till present , and has been appointed to be a President of World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostician, WAVLD, 2019-2021, Director of FAVA office, Bangkok, Thailand , 2018 – till present. She devotes herself in the veterinary profession more than 25 years.

4. Ryoji Yamaguchi :

Address: Department of Veterinary Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Miyazaki, (1-1 Gakuenkibanadai-Nishi,) Miyazaki, Japan 889-2192

E-mail: :


Professor of Veterinary Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Miyazaki, Japan. He received Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from Miyazaki University (now, University of Miyazaki) in 1978. He received MSc (Master of Veterinary Science) and PhD (Agriculture) from The University of Tokyo in 1980 and 1988, respectively. He started to work as a researcher at Institute of Public Health, Japan from 1881 to 1984 and also work at NIH in Japan during same time. And he was called as an Assistant Professor of Veterinary Pathology of Miyazaki University, Japan at 1985 and moved up to Associate Professor in 1990. After 2007 until now, he is working as a Professor of Veterinary Pathology and Professor of United Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine from 2007 to 2010 and Professor of Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine from 2010 to now (2019). 1988-1989 Visiting Assistant Professor, Faculty of Vet. Med. Cornell University, NY, USA, 1990-now a member of JCVP (Japanese College of Veterinary Pathologist), 1991-1992 Visiting Associate Professor as a JICA expert, University of Zambia, Zambia, 1992 Visiting Associate Professor as a JICA expert, University of La Plata, La Plata, Argentine Republic, 1993 JICA Expert of Veterinary Pathology, National Institute of Animal Health and Production (HIPAH)(now, HIAH in Thailand), Thailand, 1999 Visiting to Kuwait for resolving of Mass death of Fishes in Kuwait bay, 2001 JICA Expert of Veterinary Pathology Veterinary Pathology National Institute of Veterinary Research (NIVR), Vietnam, 2001-2002 Pirbright Institute in England, (I was working with Dr Tom Barrett about Morbilli virus infection) Bern University in Switzerland and Cornell University in USA, 2011-2014 A member of Committee in “JICA Project for Strengthening of Tay Bac University for Sustainable Rural Development of the Northwest region in Viet Nam”, 2014 A member of board of JCVP (Japanese College of Veterinary Pathologist)
He has educated many Asian PhD students, Master students and undergraduate students such as from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan and China, in University of Miyazaki, Japan so long time 1986 until now.

5. Francisco Javier Salguero Bodes


Javier graduated as a veterinarian in 1997 from the University of Córdoba, Spain, and then went on to gain his PhD in Comparative Pathology in 2001, studying the pathogenesis of African swine fever. He moved to the Spanish Government National Institute for Research in Animal Health (CISA-INIA) in Valdeolmos, Madrid, as a veterinary researcher, working on the pathogenesis and diagnostics of transboundary and emerging diseases such as foot and mouth disease, classical and African swine fever, Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome (PRRS) and Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs). He became the Head of the Experimental Pathology Unit at CISA-INIA from 2005 until 2007, when he moved to the UK to work for the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (now APHA) as a veterinary research pathologist. He was appointed Reader in Comparative Pathology at the University of Surrey in October 2013 and moved to Public Health England as a Senior Veterinary Pathologist and Project Manager in September 2018. He has been studying the host-pathogen interaction and working on vaccine strategies in tuberculosis, porcine diseases and several zoonoses. Javier has been carrying out numerous consultancy missions on veterinary pathology and infectious diseases for FAO, EU, GTRP and other international insititutions.

6. Daesub Song, PhD. D.V.M

Associate professor

College of Pharmacy, Korea University

Daesub Song, D.V.M. associate professor of College of Pharmacy, Korea University, is an international expert on the virology including research of viral pathogenesis and development of animal viral vaccines and diagnostics.
Dr. Song received D.V.M in 2000 and his PhD of veterinary medicine in 2004 at Seoul national university. His research interests include animal virology (swine viruses), viral vaccine, interspecies transmission of viruses, viral-host interaction, and several viral vaccine developments. He also worked as a member in special task force team of MERS-CoV in the Korean Society of Virology and in the MERS-CoV Korea/WHO joint mission team at 2015. And he served as a member of board of directors in Korea Society for Zoonoses and The Korean Vaccine Society from 2016.
Dr. Song commercialized the oral porcine epidemic diarrhea virus vaccine that could induce the mucosal immunity and good protection in piglets for the first time in the world. He led the vaccine research team of several swine/canine vaccines and influenza vaccine in various animal species for the preclinical, clinical trials and registration in government.
Recently, he focused his work to the preclinical validation of several viral vaccines. His work on interspecies transmission of avian origin flu to dogs and its’ mutations led to the need of investigation of dogs as a potential mixing vessel of flu. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles.